The World Famous S10-VT

Independence ... The Handling

The engine and the twin-undercarriage provide a maximum operational independence while taxiing and flying. As a sailplane pilot you will never need a person to run your wing. While the S 10-VT can be easily flown cross country and under power, we have also considered your independence during ground transportation. An ingenious trailer is available which permits a "One-and-a-half-person" to stow or rig the plane. Between flights you can store the S 10-VT in a normal size T-Hangar since a single person can fold the wings in less than five minutes to a span of 11.2 m (37 ft). (Option: wing-folding system)

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Comfort ... The Cockpit

Apart from ideal soaring and power flight performance, the S 10-VT ensures the ultimate pleasure of flying in unparalleled comfort. The S 10-VT's side-by-side is an ideal environment for social, competition or instructional flying. The ergonomically designed cockpit provides the pilot unmatched comfort on even the longest flights. Easily adjusted rudder pedals and six point adjustment of the seats match the needs of short and special seats for very tall pilots are available. Ambient temperature is controlled by an ample supply of fresh air through an adjustable air distribution system. A solar-panel (Option) ensures power supply for the gliding instrumentation during longer soaring periods.

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Safety ... 5-SEC-RESTART

To restart the engine the nose cone is pushed forward and this also opens the cooling vents. Only when the engine is started do the propeller blades extend into the airstreams. Therefore, the S 10-VT suffers negligible drag or trim change during the restart period, and it can perform a normal glider circuit and landing if the engine fails to start. This is much safer than the situation of a fold-out engine motor glider which fails to start - becoming very dangerous very quickly.

The superb handling of the S 10-VT, both on the ground (aided by the twin undercarriage) and in the air - even at the stall, makes the S 10-VT easy and safe to operate.

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A central steel tube framework forms the mountings for the wings, undercarriage and fixed engine, and gives unobstructed access for engine servicing. All control linkages and connections for the wings are located above the horizontal firewall separating them from the engine compartment. Onto this central framework is bolted the rear fuselage which is a carbon fibre construction.

The cockpit is a carbon fibre shell, kevlar-lined for impact safety. Inside width is 1.16 meters (3ft 10.5in) and the one piece canopy hinges from the front with supporting gas springs. The seat backs have 6 mounting positions, and are further adjusted for angle. The "T"-tail has a dampened elevator, and the rudder size is ample for good control coordination.

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The electrically retractable undercarriage is sprung, uses two 5 inch wheels with a track of 1.15meters (3ft 9.25in) and is fitted with disc brakes. There is a manual override system to lower the gear in the event of electrical failure. The tailwheel is steerable with the rudder. Optional wide-tired landing gear is available (using 2 6 inch wheels) for shorter take-off runs on soft grass fields.

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The patented propeller consists of the central and two jointed blades. In gliding configuration the blades are folded into the contour of the fuselage and are covered by the movable nose cone to leave an aerodynamically clean fuselage.

Start-up readiness is achieved by simply putting the nose cone forward via its lever with no perceptible change in trim or drag. Therefore a critical situation at low altitude does not emerge from a sudden reduction in gliding performance. The propeller blades extend into the air stream automatically by centrifugal force only when the engine is started.

When the engine has been stopped and the prop has come to a rest, the blades fold inwards automatically by spring loading. Once the blades are aligned and the nose cone is retracted it encloses the propeller completely to leave a clean aerodynamic fuselage. A variable pitch propeller with two positions for take-off and cruise improves significantly the take-off runs and cruising performance.

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Air cooling is achieved by air inlet and outlet ducts which are opened by the extension of the nose cone.

The powerful S 10-VT engine, the turbo-charged Rotax 914, produces 85.7kW (115HP). The engine is equipped with water-cooled cylinder heads, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet, optional intercooler and integrated reduction 2.43. Additionally the electronic dual ignition offers increased safety.

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The wings are a completely new development. This has given the opportunity to incorporate the very latest technology and aerodynamics, achieving significant benefits in handling and performance - confirmed by many satisfied owners.

The wings are made of carbon fire constructions in three sections. A 45 liter (11.8 gals) fuel tank, and Schempp-Hirth air-brakes are installed in both ends of the central section of the wing. Optional 60 liter (18.8 gals) fuel tanks are available.

The optional, removable winglets improve further the excellent flight characteristics and diminish the sink rate in circular flight without impairing the spectacular gliding performance in fast, straight flight.

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